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Lorentz Sales & Service Partner

All about solar pump brands Lorentz
We provide planning knowledge to make solar water pump system.

We also sell these to the pump package system (pump, controller, solar cells, wires, etc.) following the installation.

We also supply these pumps in packages.

Pump package is available in several types:
PS150 (Submersible & Surface Tipe)
PS200 (Submersible  Tipe)
PS600 (Submersible & Surface Tipe)
PS1800 (Submersible & Surface Tipe)
PS4000 (Submersible & Surface Tipe)
PS7k (Submersible & Surface Tipe)
PS9k (Submersible & Surface Tipe)
PS15k (Submersible & Surface Tipe)
PS21k (Submersible & Surface Tipe)
PS25k (Submersible & Surface Tipe)
PS40k (Submersible & Surface Tipe)

Product overview PS Centrifugal Type

Document Name

Product overview PS Helical Type
Document Name

Product overview PSk Type
Document Name

Product overview PS Surface Type
Document Name

Product overview PSk Surface Type
Document Name

The package is complete with a solar cell, delivery, and installation

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Selamat siang, nama saya Endang Ridwan, saya sangat interest dengan produk loretnz khususnya pompa sel surya, karena saya dapat project pengairan sawah tadah hujan di Indramayu. Bagaiman saya bisa menghubungi dan berkonsultasi apakah saya harus ke office atau pihak Lorents yang kami undang ke kantor kami. Terima kasih

  2. slamat siang, saya welem buce leasa, butuh informasi tentang irigasi tenaga surya dan bagaimana merencanakannya. ini no HP saya 085343013702.

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